The Life Plan Process by Gerry Miller


The focus of the Life Plan Process™ is to assist our clients to Grow... both Personally and Professionally. The following are some key areas where our clients seek clarity and focus, and some of the tools we utilize in completing their objectives:

Pension Determination Process™. Assisting Business Owners and Professionals in meeting their Retirement objectives is of paramount importance. Defined Benefit, Cross Tested, Double Advantaged Safe Harbor, and Cash Balance Plans provide a great deal more flexibility and actual retirement benefits..than ever before. This process involves developing a clear picture of one's retirement objectives, and designing a plan to achieve those objectives.

The Retirement Asset Maximizer™ was developed for professionals and business owners,as a retirement asset analysis tool. We identify goals and each asset's impact on those goals, to help the client determine the level of retirement income he/she will have when they choose to retire. The compilation includes all the assets [personal and business] that a client owns.

Exit Strategies: The Exit Strategy Solution™ is a financial and organizational game plan for business continuation and succession. It is an organized method that allows the business to plan in advance for the exit of the principal owner[s] and officer[s]. It includes the development of successor management; factors in the family situation; and assists the business owner in choosing the appropriate time and the degree to which he/she chooses to step aside, so that others can take over, on a step-by step basis.

Estate Planning: The Estate Preservation and Resolution Process™ is centered on clients who have substantial estate growth and are interested in preserving their estate from potential capital gains and /or estate taxes, which can seriously reduce their accumulated wealth. Each client is provided a model [based on his/her business and personal financial condition] which shows the impact of these taxes,as well as the various techniques that can help to reduce the tax impact. Various tools such as Family Limited Corp, Charitable Remainder Trusts, and some of their alternatives are analyzed.

The Life Plan Vision Analysis™ helps you develop strategies and a plan to achieve your Life Goals. Some of the Tools that our clients utilize are:

  • The 21- Day Positive Focus*
  • Laws of Lifetime Growth*
  • Freedom Expander*
  • Life in Balance Analysis*
  • The Strategy Circle*
  • The Value Creator Escape*
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